DVAS - Society

By: David Lacalamita

DVAS - Society


(Upper Class Recordings/EMI)

SOUNDS LIKE: A few good tracks do not a good album make.

Sure, their dance beats will make you groove and you'll probably find yourself humming the title track "Society", but the latest from DVAS is not a collection you'll want to listen to front to back; the tracks on this album belong on a DJ's cue lists, rather than on the iPod of your average music-lover. 

Even with this in mind, DVAS doesn't give DJs much variety to work with. Half the tracks use the same drum track - the beat stomped out by a synthesized kick drum and snare and some other sound effect adding accents - and they all have the same flat groove to them.  Good dance tracks usually have some sort of climactic moment in them that speaks to your feet and tells them to let loose, but these are rare because of the predictability of it all.  The "break" moments fall flat from lack of buildup and the choruses just aren't memorable, excepting "Giving It All Away" and "Society".

If you're a DJ, speed some of these tracks up and throw some solid samples into the mix and the crowd will eat it up.  And if you're a dance fan, you won't regret having a listen and snagging a track or two off iTunes.  Buying the whole album, though?  I'd pass.

Video: "Society" by DVAS

Posted: December 19, 2010

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