Daniel Romano - Workin' For the Music Man

By: Cody McGraw

Daniel Romano - Workin' For the Music Man

Daniel Romano
Workin' For the Music Man

(You've Changed)

SOUNDS LIKE: A whiskey-soaked country mixtape of cool.

One would think Daniel Romano would be too busy touring with Attack in Black and Daniel, Fred and Julie to possibly pick up another project, but Canada's up-and-coming folk hero somehow found time to record his own solo offering.

Thankfully sticking to his forte of singing country-tinged tunes, Romano's solo effort is full of songs sung with heartfelt honesty that invoke feelings of country roads and long walks with the one you love. In fact, if more country music sounded like "A Losing Song", "Missing Wind", "So Free" and "Joseph Arthur" instead the BBQ stain on my white t-shirt, ride-a-cowboy bullshit then people wouldn't automatically write off the whole genre. Unlike his pickup truck-loving counterparts, Romano sings from his soul and experience, resurrecting the spirit of classic country our grandparents grew up with and related so closely to.

A humble man with his heart on his sleeve is what makes this album great and it's a very strong addition to an already strong resume for Romano.

Video: "Missing Wind" peformed by Daniel Romano ft. Misha Bower at Sappyfest 2010

Posted: October 21, 2010

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