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Dryer - Out Like a Light

By: Andrew Horan

Dryer - Out Like a Light

Jun. 29, 2011

Out Like a Light


SOUNDS LIKE: A promising collection of dreamy pop tunes from this Toronto duo.

Upon first listen, it seems like the debut release from Toronto's Dryer would be one of those albums that the producers of shows like Grey's Anatomy would mine for singles to use during a big dramatic scene. Indeed, "Seen Enough" was used on an episode of Bones. And it pretty much hits all the right notes, strong female vocals with subtle beats and guitars swirling just below the surface.

However, don't write the band off based on that alone because there's some truly gorgeous music on this album. Lead-off "Boat" is a beautiful, gentle piece of indie pop that provides a perfect showcase for singer Peggy Messing's amazing voice. There are a couple slight missteps when they try to take on a more agressive sound on tracks like "Sick" and "Takeover" but again, Messing's voice saves the songs from sounding completely out of place.

The production is incredibly crisp and has a live-off the floor feel that reveals the nuances of each instrument and the vocals, especially on the closer "Weakness".

Given the right push, Dryer could become huge. All the elements are in place on Out Like a Light, it just remains to see whether they'll break through. Based on the strength of this album, it's a good possibility.

Video: “Boat Song“ by Dryer

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