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Hello Bella - Echoes of The Atmosphere

By: Andrew Horan

Hello Bella - Echoes of The Atmosphere

Hello Bella
Echoes of The Atmosphere


SOUNDS LIKE: It may be radio-friendly pop rock but it's very well played radio-friendly pop-rock

London Ontario's Hello Bella don't exactly reinvent the wheel on their latest release but they still manage to take a radio-friendly pop-rock sound that's been done to death and make it compelling.

There's something about the album's 13 tracks that's incredibly infectious and their exuberance that will doubtlessly bring a smile, or at least a bemused smirk, to the face of even the most hardened indie snob.

Though admittedly, they wear their influences a bit nakedly at times - 'All Eyes On' is a ringer for Metric and the use of Autotune and robotic vocals does take away from what's actually a catchy song. The vocals at the beginning of the first single 'Stand' do sound a little odd but it does little to take away from the fact that it's decent little pop-rock number.

The centerpiece of Hello Bella's music is definitely singer Stephanie Poort's dynamic voice, best showcased on 'Following a Sound'. It starts with a gentle intro before building to a soaring climax. The title track is a version of the song played on children's instruments that comes out of leftfield but totally works.

While it may be something we've heard before, the band's drive and passion comes out in every track. So just sit back and enjoy a fun collection of songs that pretends to be nothing else.

Video: “Argentina“ by Hello Bella

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