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Mother Mother - Eureka

By: Nancy Murphy

Mother Mother - Eureka

Mother Mother

(Last Gang Records)

SOUNDS LIKE: Exactly what Wikipedia labels them: Indie Rock, but with emphasis on the rock.

In an attempt to prove to a friend of mine that she'd heard Mother Mother before, I tried singing "The Stand" for her and quickly discovered that my lonely voice was hardly enough to convey the call-and-response effect that characterizes the verses. This was a bit of a disappointment for me at first, since so much of what drew me to Mother Mother in the first place was the sing-ability of their tracks. Now, after spending a bit more time with "The Stand," the conversational style of the verses is one of the most intriguing features of this song; plus the chorus more than makes up for any eschewed melody in the verses.

As a whole, Eureka leans more to the rock side of things than their first album, but it's a direction that really works for them. The rest of the album is much more sing-able in the way you'd expect from the band, with "Simply Simple," "Far In Time" and "Oleander" being a few takeaway examples. But the unconventional verses of "The Stand" keep me coming back to that track more than any other, if for no other reason than to revel in just how brave it was of Mother Mother to choose it as their first release from Eureka.

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