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Of Montreal - False Priest

By: David Lacalamita

Of Montreal - False Priest

Jun. 7, 2011

Of Montreal
False Priest


SOUNDS LIKE:This album is out of this world – and man is it fun out there.

It's difficult to talk about Of Montreal's latest release False Priest without exaggerating. It's too clever to be crazy, but too wild to be wholly sane, which is why it's safe to say that this album is from another world.

At the forefront is Kevin Barnes' vocal versatility that combines falsetto acrobatics with a song-speak way of spitting out non-rhyming lyrics that often seem to contain too many words. Underneath this is a masterful combination of complex textures that generally start with a riff-based funk groove and end in a multi-track synth/guitar/string symphony of sound.

What's great about the album is how well Barnes borrows from various genres to compose his songs. Where an artist like Janelle Monae (who is featured on the False Priest) "borrowed" on her own The ArchAndroid by putting songs from different genres on one album, Barnes borrows by picking out small musical pieces and incorporating them into his songs as he sees fit. It's the difference between knowing how to cook by having great cook books and knowing how to cook by knowing what ingredients and spices combine to produce different flavours.

Barnes has great style, a great sense of humour, and great musical acumen so False Priest sounds accordingly. It's the perfect tonic for all the self-important, heavy, Lady Gaga glam-pop that's out there right now.


Video: “Coquet Coquette“ by Of Montreal

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