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The Grails - Deep Politics

By: Andrew Horan

The Grails - Deep Politics

Jul. 5, 2011

The Grails
Deep Politics

(Temporary Residence)

SOUNDS LIKE: Fairly standard issue post rock.

Portland's Grails don't stray too far from an established post-rock sound, if there truly is one, on their latest release.

This is not to say that Deep Politics is a terrible album - it is quite good - it's just something we've heard before. With its ominous strings and guitars rumbling just below the surface, album opener "Future Primitive" pretty much hits all the clichés, slowly building to a climax that slowly fades out.

The epic "I Lead Three Lives" has a suitably apocalyptic feel but with its harrowing latter half, it sounds like any number of orchestral bands cutting lose. The slowly, slinky beat and trippy sounding flute on "Corridors of Power" sounds like it's the type of song you'd hear playing unobtrusively in a douchey hipster bar

The album does have its highlights. "Daughters of Bilitis" has a hazy narcotic feel with an unsettling undertone that sounds like it could have been the lost soundtrack to a movie by Dario Argento.

The jarring guitars that appear in the final moments of tracks like "Deep Politics" and the album closer "Deep Snow" serve to jolt the listener out of the reverie the subdued openings may have lulled them into.

While fans of post-rock will doubtlessly love this album, anyone who is becoming jaded with the sound should look elsewhere.

Video:NSFW “I Led Three Lives“ by The Grails

I LED THREE LIVES! - Grails from The Fact Facer on Vimeo.

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