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The Mercy Now

By: Andrew Horan

The Mercy Now

The Mercy Now
Self Control


SOUNDS LIKE: Balls out rock and roll.

It should come as no surprise that Ian Blurton helmed the boards for the debut full-length album from The Mercy Now.

The Toronto band is clearly aiming for the same down-and-dirty rock and roll sound of Blurton's band C'mon, but they often come up short. It's obvious that they have the passion and energy but it isn't quite enough to do anything more than raise the album above anything more than a merely decent collection of '70s-influenced hard rock songs.

There are a few great songs here. The album opener, "From The Heart," rocks pretty hard and provides a perfect showcase for singer/bassist Russ Fernandes' big voice and Adam Burnett's first-rate shredding; the guitar solo in particular is worth repeated plays.

"Brother" pretty much epitomizes all the album's flaws. It starts out promisingly enough but the grating chorus ruins the track by pretty much the halfway point.

The Mercy Now are an ideal bar band - they play the type of music that's great for getting everyone in the mood for a little drunken rowdiness, but outside of that, there's nothing remarkable to be found here.

Video: "Self Control" by The Mercy Now


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