Dum Dum Girls @ Whelan's

By: Sharon Burke

Dum Dum Girls @ Whelan's
Photo: courtesy of the artist
Dum Dum Girls

Posted: June 2, 2010 – Dublin, United Kingdom

There's no doubt about it, Dum Dum Girls are hot. The kind of hot that makes one want to worship them, perhaps with a pinch of envy thrown in. They ooze glamour and are owners of a shared punk soul. Lead singer Dee Dee has a stage presence which rivals Jagger—she knows you want her, you know you want her, what's not to want? She has a low pitch voice of dark honey and riffs to equal Keith Richards. And of course she is blindingly beautiful. Naturally.

The Californian foursome were supported by the enthusiastic Girls Names, a dark and edgy outfit from Belfast who are not dissimilar to Editors, but perhaps with a little early Buzzcocks thrown in to help scratch some rock into contemporary mediocrity. Baritone singer Cathal sounds a little like Neil Hannon, also from Northern Ireland. Girls Names are signed to the Cass/Flick Belfast label and released their debut album You Should Know By Now on May 24. Their set triggered the buzz for Dum Dum Girls and was peppered with little rock gems like "Tear Me Down".

Kicking off the set with the slow, sensuous Rolling Stones cover "Playing with Fire", Dum Dum Girls snaked into a set of lingering and darkly melodic tunes from I Will Be released earlier this year. The album definitely reflects hints of Gottehrer's production and combines the strength of Siouxsie with the allure of Blondie. "Jail La La" is a summer anthem and when played live is a great sing-along song. ‘It Only Takes One Night' has a terrific bass-line and the girls rocked their way through it amid cat-calls and general audience approval.

Although a brief encore was cut short by Dee Dee's announcement of a waiting ferry and drive to London, the audience seemed content with the medley of punk presented by the foursome and rushed to retrieve Dee Dee's sacred guitar pick which had plummeted onto the stage. As gigs go, it rated about six and a half, although was perhaps lacking a little in duration.

Video: "Jail La La" by Dum Dum Girls

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