The Amazing Few @ The Village

By: Sharon Burke

The Amazing Few @ The Village
Photo: courtesy of the artist
The Amazing Few

Posted: January 7, 2010 – Dublin, Ireland

New Year's Eve: a night of unforeseen chaos and riotous merriment, surely? Not a night to remain at home, unless you are hosting a bash which can be heard for a 5km radius. Yet is it a night to attend a gig, or pursue any timetabled event? Alcohol and those you have promised to accompany sometimes do not permit. Chances are if you stay sober you will find yourself more irritated than amused by the antics of the less-sober. Yet staunch gig-goers will insist that it is possible to follow the tide on this night, and still enjoy a gig. 

With this in mind, I headed to one of Dublin's most popular venues for the indie and alternative crowd, The Village. On entering I was handed 3D goggles and advised to steer clear of the elderly woman at the bar, who appeared to be entertaining herself by flinging beer mats at the band setting up onstage. After a mishap with my camera involving flying drinks, the afore-mentioned drunk and minor profanity, I abandoned my beloved Canon in the cloakroom. 

I was intensely impressed by the first support act onstage, Gran Casino, an unsigned multi-instrumental and experimental band from Dublin. They rocked the crowd with some catchy and enjoyable tunes awash with clarinet, harp, glockenspiel, horns, trumpet, trombone, violins, flute and saxophones, and guitar. They are undoubtedly the breed of band which makes a listener or watcher really feel they are the cat with the cream, and hopefully won't remain unsigned for too long. 

Next up were Funzo, who quite frankly confused the hell out of me. If music genres were sexuality, Funzo would be bi-sexual, or tri-sexual... or just plain baffling. Pick a genre and stick to it boys. However, the crowd seemed to enjoy the few covers they put forth, which is perhaps a measure of Dublin's New Year's Eve intoxication. 

The Amazing Few did their band name credit. With a feel-good vibe and an energized stage presence, the band, with multiple members, bounced around to background noise of crowd appreciation. The distracting dance moves of one member trapped my attention for a whole ten minutes before I realized they were performing the catchy "Russian Girls". Armed with my 3D specs, the show became almost a 'shrooms experience, which was both disturbing and exciting. After unleashing song after song on the unruly crowd, the band played "Tomorrow", a personal favourite of mine, loaded with an explosion of appealing riffs. The punk-edged and electric show was an incomparable way to spend the New Year's Eve, and the countdown was a crowning moment of glory. Their ability to captivate and affect onlookers to such an extent is a great indication of their talent and determination, which few would have doubted after this New Year's Eve performance. Stepping out into the fresh snow, I realized that spending New Year's Eve at this gig had revealed to me just how much we Dubliners love music, parties, and celebrating—an important moral lesson!

Video: "Russian Girls" by The Amazing Few

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