Most Stylish

By: Stephanie Le

Most Stylish



Midnight Oil :
With the focus being on the music and the settings of their video clips (usually somewhere in the Outback), Midnight Oil's aesthetics were never really the main focal point of the band. In their time they mainly wore everyday civilian wear, t-shirt brandished with political slogans. And they were fond of the jumpsuit. At the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games closing ceremony the band donned black jumpsuits with the word "sorry" emblazoned on them, as a message to the ‘Stolen Generation' of Aboriginal Australians.

Split Enz:
In their early days, Split Enz wore insanely colourful suits, with crazy gelled hair. They dulled down a little in their later years and wore pastel suits with prominent shoulder pads. Ah, the '80s.

Winner - Spilt Enz: So even though Garrett can cut a striking figure in a jumpsuit, you can't go past the '80s splendour that is gaudy coloured suits and shoulder pads.


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Midnight Oil


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