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Courtney Love vs. Twitter

Rock's most famous widow Courtney Love has got herself in another legal pickle, this time via the medium of Twitter.

Not generally known for her coherence, her tweets against her former fashion designer, Dawn Simorangkir, have left her facing a libel claim.

The designer, who lives in Austin, Texas, claims that Love accused her of being a "nasty, lying, hosebag thief", as well as having "a history of dealing cocaine", and being guilty of "assault and burglary". Love then wrote that Simorangkir would be "hunted til your dead."

Court papers lodged at the Los Angeles Superior Court say: "Whether caused by drug-induced psychosis, a warped understanding of reality, or the belief that money and fame allow her to disregard the law, Love has embarked on what is nothing short of an obsessive and delusional crusade to destroy Simorangkir's reputation and her livelihood."

Simorangkir claims she turned nasty when billed $4,000 for clothes she had commissioned, leaving

Love refused to pay, and as a result the designer stopped working for her.

The court documents say this left Love furious, leading to "an intense level of animosity ... well beyond what any reasonable person would consider acceptable behaviour."

Simorangkir says that Love has destroyed both her reputation and her business, and is seeking damages for statements made through Twitter and Myspace.

Recent tweets suggest that Love is back to her usual self after a few quiet years, as well as in need of some remedial spelling and grammar lessons.

Samples include (pre emptive [sic]):


"dont throw your hand...your not alone, your not alone, your not alone, not not not , i cant... go, just cream now bye. shamelesslyxc"

"'hey i made this hat! i knitted it its shaped just like a cake!' oh your kid is 16 and she ACTUALLY needs her shit organised?i justthrew it"

"sexism, homophobia, Japanese History, maybe the Phillipines, i dont know much about the Phillipines, i just think; "Shoes""

Love's long delayed new album, Nobody's Daughter, will be released globally on June 8th. From what we've heard of it already, Courtney's taking a mature turn towards Marianne Faithfull/Patti Smith territory.

See more of her ramblings here.

I've missed DiS News

Good woman, Courtney.

Glad you're back in the clown shoes, for our amusement.

Mad as a hat made of AIDS.

Never fails to amuse

This album better be the masterpiece she's fully capable of.

it will never come out

...unless someone cuts off her internet.

Rock 'n roll needs lunatics like Courtney Love

Plus, I rather like her 1st 2 records. Anyone foolish enough to climb into bed with her should know they're gonna leave with an
STD; I have no sympathy for Dawn.

Good Night

this woman will do anything to stay in the spotlight.

Some more Twitter news on DiS

lovely stuff.

this is odd

"sexism, homophobia, Japanese History, maybe the Phillipines, i dont know much about the Phillipines, i just think; "Shoes""

Perhaps a reference to Imelda Marcos, famed for her shoe collection. Maybe a reference to her acknowledgement of the fact most of her shoes were probably made by small children from there.

but then again I'm probably still in denial that any one human beings output for the past 15 years can make this little sense.

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