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Lost Jimi Hendrix Record found (Digital Spy):
It's not actually quite as cool as it sounds, because it's really more of a lost Stephen-Stills-record-that-Jimi-Hendrix-happened-to-play-on, but still. Cool.

Snoop Dogg as German folk singer legend Roy Black (YouTube):
Dude has to be the most loveable pimp ever. And this German cell phone commercial certainly does nothing to change that.

The Trouble With Indie Rock (Slate):
Turns out, according to Carl Wilson, the problem with indie kids isn't that they're too white, but that they're too rich.

Grow Op: The Real Reason Pop Stars Grow Facial Hair (CBC):
No, it's not just because they're lazy. It's because they want you to think they're as cool as Sam Beam.

One Thousand Hear Change of Note World's Longest Concert (Deutsche Welle):
John Cage's 639 year-long masterpiece only veeeerry rarely changes notes, but it did in July. And you missed it.

Poptimist #7 (Pitchfork):
Why you should get rid of every CD, MP3, cassette tape, vinyl record and 8-track you own and start all over again.

Obama campaign rejects rapper Ludacris' rhymes (Yahoo!):
Obama once thought pretty highly of the Illinois-born hip hop artist. But apparently, not so much anymore.

The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins (YouTube):
Leonard Nimoy singing about hobbits. Some days we wonder how we could have ever lived without YouTube.

The Happy Mellencampers: The joys, and pitfalls, of selecting campaign music (Newsweek):
Seriously? Obama, McCain, Clinton, Edwards and Huckabee all picked John "don't call me Cougar" Mellencamp songs for the campaign trail?

It's Official: No Doors Without Jim Morrison (Wired):
Why you'd need a judge to tell you that you can't be the Doors without Jim Morrison is beyond us.

Russia Wages War On Emo Kids (Guardian):
There are three kinds of people who should be steering clear of Moscow these days: Chechens, Georgians, and My Chemical Romance fans.

The 10 Weirdest Things You Probably Didn't Know About the Beach Boys (Entertainment Weekly):
We can't decide if our favourite entry is the one about Charles Manson, or the other one about Charles Manson.

"Carmensita" by Devendra Banhart (YouTube):
A fucked-up Bollywood acid trip with Natalie Portman and plenty of pubic hair.

Tourism department providing $100,000 for Alanis concert (CBC):
Well now, that's just embarrassing.

Korean Parents for Sale: Randy Newman's On-Target Race Humor (Slate):
Hey listen, if you were going to be offended by a Randy Newman song, then it probably should have been the one he sang about how glad the slaves were to be American.

File-sharing is good for Big Music (Globe and Mail):
Whatever you do keep downloading free music! For crying out loud people, we're in a recession!

Sid Vicious Interview (YouTube):
Nancy's right. Johnny Rotten was a mess. And who could be in a band with someone as messed up as John was.

So, Les Savy Fav, tell us a story (Paper Thin Walls):
Either bassist Syd Butler is a sucker for conspiracy theories (told to him by crazy old ladies who live with a bunch of alligators), or we’re all going to die of fluoride poisoning.

A Double History of the Supremes' "Love Child" (Back and Forth):
Just plain one of the best, most-touching pieces of music writing we've read in a long while.

The 9 Most Unnecessary Greatest Hits Albums of All Time (Cracked):
Yes, that's right, there's a best of Vanilla Ice.

Skirl Power as New Bagpipe Bands Spring Up (Times Online):
This is exactly what the world needs. And no, we're not being sarcastic. Really. We promise.

Long live the LP (CBC):

Mozart and Metallica fans kindred spirits: research (Yahoo!):
A new study claims you can tell a person's personality by their taste in music. Coughbullshitcough!

Man Man: A Day At the Races and A Night At the Opera (YouTube):
We knew Man Man were cool, but we didn't know they were wandering-the-streets-of-Paris-pounding-out-rhythms-like-madmen-and-screaming-like-banshees cool.

The Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Songs (Billboard):
Huh. Turns out our collective music taste is much more horrifically disappointing than we ever would have imagined.

Kanye West Vs. Jonah Hill Connect Four (YouTube):
Kanye West is a total Connect Four nerd!

Bands Don't Ever All Get The Same Haircut Anymore (The Onion):
Asking the important question: Can you even call it a song if it's performed by a group of people with such dramatically varying hair lengths?

We’re thinking we'd do Blood on the Tracks. Or maybe David Bowie's Young Americans.

Free Jazz/Punk Rock (Not Bored):
We have some friends who, no matter how times we’ve told them to read Lester Bangs, still haven’t. So, in an attempt to remedy that, here are his epic musings on the melding of jazz and punk.

“Guitar Hero: World Tour” Unveils Full Track List (Rolling Stone):
Jimi Hendrix? Blondie? Oasis? The Sex Pistols? The MC5? Holy crap, hand us that novelty-sized plastic guitar!

Gallery turns down Dylan artwork (BBC):
"We don't just foster a culture of celebrity". Ouch.

David Bowie and Marianne Faithful (YouTube):
They're the new Sonny and Cher.

Combat Rock: The extraordinary story of a unique label devoted to releasing music by Iraq war veterans (The Observer):
We’re not going to say that our eyes misted up a little when we read this for the first time. But we’re not going to say they didn’t, either.

The Jesus of Uncool (Rolling Stone):
This interview with Chris Martin is actually kinda cool, if only for the part where Brian Eno tells him: “Your songs are too long. And you’re too repetitive, and you use the same tricks too much, and big things are not necessarily good things, and you use the same sounds too much, and your lyrics are not good enough.” That, and the bit about his drug habit.

Alicia Keys and Jack White's Bond Song – Another Way To Die (First Showing):
Even worse than that Chris Cornell one?

Hot Gossip and Sarah Brightman – Starship Trooper (YouTube):
There is nothing funny about this video at all. It's just very good. From start to finish.

Twee as Fuck (Pitchfork):
Everybody grab your cardigans, Pitchfork is tracing the history of twee from 1977 right through to Belle & Sebastian.

Mark Levine's Heavy Metal Islam (Slate):
A Californian professor investigates the surprisingly healthy underground metal scene in the Middle East.

The 7 Most Unforgivable Grammy Award Snubs of All Time (Cracked):
Hey, we thought that Steely Dan record was better than OK Computer.

Janis Joplin's Spirit Found Dead of Another Drug Overdose (The Onion):
Services are planned Tuesday at the Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Mortuary. (hat tip to reader SoundProof reader Wilson Smith)

James Brown & Pavarotti (YouTube):
We're generally a little skeptical when it comes to Pavarotti duets, but shit, we really should have seen both of these guys live before they died.

Vinyl: Got to Get You Into My Life (PopMatters):
For us, this raises one question: Why doesn't anyone ever suggest that 8-track culture should make a comeback?

A Talk in A Taxi (YouTube):
John Lennon. Bob Dylan. High in the back of a cab. And you can barely understand a word those stoners are saying.

Joe the Plumber May Have Country Music Plans (CMT):
Oh boy.

Michael Jackson Debunks Jackson 5 Reunion Talk (Showbiz Spy):
We could forgive him his creepy "skin condition". And we could overlook the whole sleeping-with-young-boys thing. But this? This hurts.

Oasis' discoverer Alan McGee quits music (NME):
We're looking forward to the reunion tour.

'No. 1 fan' sees Celine Dion 150 times (CBC):
There are three-legged puppies, and there are babies with AIDS. And then there's this, the saddest thing we have ever heard.

Video explains the world's most important 6-sec drum loop (YouTube):

Investigators prepare to enter studio where drum-maker died of anthrax (Times Online):
Apparently drum-makers die from anthrax like all the time. Um, weird.

Poptimist#8 (Pitchfork):
On English chocolate bar adds, Phil Collins and gorillas.

Ben Gibbard Attacked By Scorpion (Stereogum):
How many times do we have to say it? Always check your pants for wildlife before putting them on.

Opera Singer Katherine Jenkins admits taking drugs (NME):
Well that’s it. We’re never going to the opera again.

“The Youth” by MGMT (YouTube):
Weird and creepy. With sequins.

Ladies! I Can't Hear You! No, Really, I Can't Hear You! (Slate):
Slate asks, "Where did all the female rappers go?"

The New Hotness: FourTrack Audio Recorder for iPhone, iPod Touch (Wired):
This would mean a lot more to us if we could actually afford an iPhone, but, you know, you can always dream.

If Music is the Answer, What's the Question? (Said the Gramophone):
Touching. And a little depressing.

Blur Reunion "Very Possible" Says Albarn (Strangeglue):
Wait. Blur broke up?

Neil Young and Devo (MySpace):
We wish we'd found this in time for Halloween. God are Devo weird.

Hung Up: The State of Rock Poster Art (PopMatters):
Vinyl isn’t the only thing under threat in the age of the internet.

MIA 2008 Hospitality Rider (The Smoking Gun):
Hey, we like our fine European cheeses as much as the next guy, but this is ridiculous.

Did rock, rap swing it for Obama? (The Guardian):
We’re thinking not so much, but it’s an interesting article anyway.

John Lennon and Paul Simon (YouTube):
We’ve never really cared much for Lennon or Simon, but man do we love Andy Williams, so we were pretty excited to find this video of the three of them presenting a Grammy.

Stephen Colbert Is Putting Out a Christmas Album, Too (Pitchfork):
Move over Anne Murray’s What A Wonderful Christmas, it looks like we might have a new favourite holiday record coming.

Forty years on, McCartney wants the world to hear ‘lost’ Beatles epic. (The Guardian):
“Revolution 9” and “You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)” were okay, but “Carnival of Light” was too experimental? This we have to hear.

The Elephant 6 Orchestra In Concert (NPR):
The mother of all indie rock collectives (Neutral Milk Hotel, Olivia Tremor Control, Of Montreal, Apples in Stereo, Elf Power, etc.) is back.

Flight of the Conchords – “Business Time” (YouTube):
If you haven’t watched the Flight of the Conchords TV show yet, we’re thinking it’s time you did. The series is even funnier than this.

Vatican ‘forgives’ John Lennon (BBC):
And it only took 40 years.

Bono Launches Download Service for Africa (Rolling Stone):
At first we were all like, wouldn’t they rather have food or medicine or something first? And then we realized that headline can be read two ways.

China says ‘Gun N’ Roses’ ‘Chinese Democracy’ venomous (NME):
Just a hunch, but we think the Chinese government might be taking Axl Rose too seriously.

Gwar on Joan (YouTube):
It’s Gwar being interviewed by Joan Rivers. What more do you need?

New $1M US classical music prize announced in Sweden (CBC):
Time to learn the clavichord.

What's an 808? (Slate):
Hawaii's area code? The penal code for disturbing the peace? Well, yes. But that's not the kind we mean.

GN'R frontman Axl Rose AWOL in midst album release (Live News):
Maybe he heard the record.

Why Should I Care About Auto-Tune? (Splice Today):
You know, other than the fact that Cher uses it.

Michael Jackson dancing in the car. (YouTube):
Sooooooooooooooooo disturbing.

Aretha Franklin to Sing at Obama Inauguration (Billboard):
It’s like the ‘60s all over again!

Lennon stars in TV laptop advert (BBC):
Are you still allowed to be deeply offended when something’s for charity?

20 Classic Hip Hop Covers Recreated in LEGO (Format):
Leading us to wonder: Why are none of the LEGO men black? Does LEGO not make black LEGO men? How fucked up is that?

Grammy Nominations Surprisingly Relevant (Pitchfork):
The nominations came out a while ago, but we hadn’t check yet, because, well, you know, it’s the Grammys and they suck. Still, we agree: not unforgivably bad this time.

Billy Holiday – Fine & Mellow (1957) (YouTube):
The timeless Lady Day. (Hat tip to reader David Yee.)

Oasis’ Noel Gallagher Has One Christmas Wish (Rolling Stone):
We know Christmas is over, but this was too funny not share. He’s a bitter, bitter man, that Noel.

Iggy Pop, Moby Star in Vampire Movie (Spin):
Um. Okay.

Whatever Happened to MuchMusic? (Eye Weekly):
Canada’s homegrown answer to MTV has been going down the celebrity-obsessed, reality-TV shitter. Eye found out why.

Why do bands give themselves unprintable names? (Slate):
Who says you can’t print them? Here: Holy Fuck. Fucked Up. Shitdisco. Fuck Buttons. See?

Drunken man in Poland dancing to terrible music (YouTube):
We wish we'd ever had this much fun.

The Ghostface Killah Doll (4Cast Limited):
With real bling and lots of swearing!

Rock Veterans Sing On for Fantasy Camp (Billboard):
Where middling rock stars go to die apparently.

Kurt Cobain’s Smashed Guitar Sells for $100,000 at Auction (NME):
Imagine how much you could get for one that wasn’t broken.

M.I.A. Launches Fashion Line (Spin):
Hey, the Olsen twins get one, so why not?

Iggy Pop and The Stooges, Live in Cincinnati (1970) (YouTube):
Think the producers of this show knew "T.V." stood for "twat vibe"?

Obama’s Secret Record Collection (Rolling Stone):
There’s more in the basement of the White House than Jimmy Hoffa’s bones and the set they filmed the moon landing on – like a wicked cool vinyl collection.

The spiritual journey of Ol’ Dirty Bastard (Slate):
One crazy motherfucker.

Bowie May Bring Back Ziggy Stardust (The Insider):
He denies it, but you can’t help but shudder at the thought of a 62 year-old spandex and face paint-clad alien taking the stage at Coachella.

Rock stars and their parents (The Guardian):
It’s almost as if rock stars were real people too.

Arcade Fire – Guns of Brixton (YouTube):

Springsteen Fans, Super Bowl Needs You For Half Time (Tampa Bay Online):
Remember when we were all making fun of the Beijing Olympics for having rehearsed “fans”?

Ticketmaster, Live Nation in merger talks (Reuters):
We’ve always thought Ticketmaster should have more power.

DMX Sentenced to 90 Days in Jail (Billboard):
They’ve buried the lead here. Hip hop artists go to prison all the time. But how often do you hear about them suffering from gout? Gout!

1990 Cop Rock Commerical (YouTube):
Sometimes we find it hard to believe we ever lived through the early '90s.

Axl Rose Lashes Out in First Major Interview in Forever (Pitchfork):
Like slowing down to watch a car wreck.

Grammys: The 7 Best Moments (Spin):

Phoenix Insists He’s Jilting Hollywood for hip-hop (Yahoo!):
Joaquin says screw the movies, he’s going to be a hip hop star. Please be a joke, please be a joke, please be a joke.

Ticketmaster Responds to Springsteen, Fans (Billboard):
Fuck Ticketmaster. Yeah, that’s right. We said it.

When Music Critics Attack (Slate):
Mozart sucks!

John Lennon, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton and Mitch Mitchell (YouTube):
Oh, we get it . . . Yer blues!

Researchers Play Tune Recorded Before Edison (New York Times):
Consider our minds officially blown.

Dave Simpson Meets People Who Inspired Pop Songs (The Guardian):
Holly from "Walk on the Wild Side", Layla, the girl who left home, the successful fella from "Country House" . .

The Way You Mecca Me Feel: Michael Jackson has become a Muslim — and changed his name to MIKAEEL (The Sun):
Please be true please be true please be true please be true.

Microsoft Songsmith Commercial (YouTube):
Oh dear god kill us now.

The Indie Rock Alphabet Book (Paste):
A is for Animal Collective.

Pavement 'Reunite' as Wedding Band (Spin):
That's it, we're getting married!

Van Morrison's Astral Weeks: Live at the Hollywood Bowl (Slate):
On how ageing musicians replaying their masterpieces is like getting a colonoscopy.

Robert Smith Says Mean Things About Radiohead (Pitchfork):
There are lots of reasons to post this link. The best one? Robert Smiths' hair.

Sarkozy's party to compensate MGMT for copyright infringement (The Guardian):
Apparently the French president used a song at a rally without permission. We're hoping it was

Marvin Gaye - "Let's Get It On" live at Montreux (YouTube):
We can sing like that. Really. We can. We just choose not to.

The Sizzling Sound of Music (Radar O'Reilly):
An informal study claims that students actually prefer the crappy sound quality of MP3s.

All you need is a . . . dissertation? (Globe Campus):
As if undergraduate courses on The Beatles weren't cool enough, now you can study them for your Masters.

Wayne Coyne Tears Arcade Fire A New Asshole (Stereogum):

Daft Punk to Score Tron 2.0 (Pitchfork):
They're making a Tron 2.0?

Antony Hegarty on Lou Reed's "Berlin: Live at St. Ann's Warehouse" (YouTube):
Here's hoping Antony sang the party of the crying baby.

Noel Gallagher: "I want to join the cast of 'Coronation Street'" (NME):
Please god, let this happen. Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease.

SXSW 2009 on Bit Torrent: 6 GB of FreeMusic (Torrent Freak):

Drum Set (
You're about to waste a lot of time.

The Daft Punk's Console (Matias Najle):
Like the last link we posted, but for Daft Punk fans.

Vanilla Ice Says, 'Sorry' (YouTube):
Are you seeing this, Celine Dion? (Hat tip: Alan Cross)

Celine Dreams (
Creepy. Really creepy. (hat-tip: Carl Wilson)

Marx Gets His Night at the Opera (New York Times):
To answer your question: Karl.

Radiohead Suffer the Wrath of Miley Cyrus (Pitchfork):
That's gotta be the wrong way around, right?

Jack White Forms The Dead Weather (Billboard):
Is it just us or would you feel a lot better if the guy just concentrated on making sure the next Stripes album didn't suck?

"America's Song" (YouTube):
Featuring, David Foster, Faith Hill, Mary J. Blige, Seal and Bono. You're going to need some Gravol.

Smokey Robinson gives Adam Lambert Standing Ovation On ‘Idol’ (Billboard):
Geez. Aren’t there any heroes left?

The Kenny Rogers Effect: Healing Stroke Victims (Adjix):
We've said it before, we'll said it again. Kenny Rogers = Jesus.

Karaoke Rage (Slate):
If you sing “Kokomo” one more time . . .

AT&T first to test RIAA antipiracy plan (CNET):
Like you needed another reason to hate phone companies and the music

Lip synch fail (YouTube):
Fail, indeed.

Bjork Joins Led Zeppelin (
The Icelandic songstress announced that she'd be taken over as the band's new lead singer.

Coldplay and Eno to record in zero gravity (
Coldplay released details of their next project. (Proving that their music is vomit-inducing in more ways than one?)

Kid Rock immortalised on a stadium (
Kid Rock revealed that he bought the naming rights for the Detroit Tigers home ballpark for Comerica.

Cousin of Fela Kuti Trademarks the term "Afrobeat"! (SoundRoots):
Word came out over the Nigerian news wires that a court case over the issue had finally been settled.

Nine Inch Nails' Strobe Light The New Album Produced by Timbaland (
Trent Reznor and company offer a free download of the record, featuring guest appearances by Sheryl Crow, Alicia Keys, Fergie and more.

Is Hannah Montana A Modern Day Ziggy Stardust? (CBC):
Hold on a second. Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus are the same person?!! Mind = blown.

PETA Asks the Pet Shop Boys to Change Their Name (Prefix):
The veggie-chewing association's latest stunt has them asking for the band to rename themselves "The Rescue Shelter Boys."

Courtney Love vs. Twitter (Drowned In Sound):
The 21st century provides so many different ways for Courtney Love to get sued.

Kanye Says 'South Park' Put Him In Check (Billboard):
We're already printing the "Free Kanye's Ego" t-shirts.

The eight most pretentious lyrics from the new Decemberists album (Slate):
One of our favourite music writers tears a strip off one of our favourite indie bands. This is exactly how we felt just before our parents got divorced.

Map Of Area Codes In Which Ludacris Claims To Have Hoes (Funk Jelly):
Ludacris has hoes in Milwaukee?

Daft Punk: The Game (Pedestrian):
Collect the samples, win the level, kill time at work

America's 15 Best Indie Record Stores (Spin):
The best places to spend next year's Record Store Day in style.

Ben Folds Readies A Capella Disc (Aversion):
As the article suggests, somewhere Andy Barnard is getting very excited.

Amy Winehouse Turns To Poetry (Music-News):
Leading to the all-important question: will her's be better or worse than Jewel's?