Live: Delays @ King Tut's Wah Wah

By: Sharon Burke

Live: Delays @ King Tut's Wah Wah

Posted: October 19, 2010 – Glasgow, United Kingdom

Fresh from the launch of their fourth record, Star Tiger, Star Ariel, Delays took their worldwide tour to King Tut's of Glasgow to celebrate the recent success of the album. Renowned for its intimacy and excellent acoustics, King Tut's was packed to overspill with fans of the Southampton four-piece.

Delays are one of the few indie bands who made it through from the ‘Noughties', and who remain capable of putting on an engaging and exciting live show. Glasgow's performance was no exception.

Singer Greg Gilbert's voice was in top form; a combination of songs from Faded Seaside Glamour and You See Colours accentuated the fragility and almost-tenuous quality of his tenor. Yet it is the songs from Star Tiger, Star Ariel that truly reflect the bands early influences, in particular, The La's. The first single released from the album, ‘Unsung', was met with ovation and great enthusiasm. One line from the single hints at a self-portrait hidden within the song: ‘there's not a note you cannot sing.'

Greg and his brother Aaron have clearly struck a pot of musical gold with this fourth record; the lyrics are rhythmically memorable and adapt well to a live audience, while also remaining profound and sincere. It is this attribute that many indie bands' lyrics lack, often compromising between lyrics which work well when performed live, and lyrics which have a meaningful significance to the musician. Lyrics from Delays' fourth album have a singular consistency of tone, and intimate a combination of senses: loss, acceptance and peace. Yet the setlist of their Glasgow performance revealed the variety and the diversity of Delays' four albums.

Star Tiger, Star Ariel adapts to the stage, well, like a fish to water. Their performance at King Tut's establishes their reputation as a band which made it past the decade of Brit revival and the resurgence of mainstream indie. For Delays, the future is wide open.

Video: “Unsung“ by Delays

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