Foxy Shazam @ The Troubador

By: Hunter M. Daniels

Foxy Shazam @ The Troubador
Photo: courtesy of the artist
Foxy Shazam

With a performance that mixes vaudevillian stage antics and Freddy Mercury-inspired rock and roll, lead singer Eric Nally attacks the stage like it's his last night on earth. During this second set of tour dates for the band's self-titled major label debut, Nally and co. sound stronger and more tuneful than ever.

Whereas their last gig at Los Angeles's The Troubadour was made up almost entirely of tracks from their album, the current set list includes many tracks from Introducing Foxy Shazam, and is even better for it. While older shtick, like Nally's gimmick of eating lit cigarettes, remains intact, the band has rewritten the inter-song banter, updating it with sharper jokes and funnier asides. Nally, who has always carried himself with the charismatic charm of a fascist dictator or cult leader, has continued to grow as a performer. I cannot name another front-man who can start his own encore chant, much less seem cool while doing so. He might be in a 400-person club, but he's playing to the back row of a stadium. He is positively breathtaking, inspiring volley after volley of stage dives and often leaping into the crowd himself, sometimes arm in arm with a lucky fan.

And it's not just theatrics either. The six-piece band is tight as can be. Even when Nally jumps on pianist Sky White's shoulders, the band doesn't miss a single beat. Their live show has become an absolute must-see for me and they keep getting better every time. This is my third Foxy show in about a year and it was by far their best. The horns are now more prominent, the crowds are rowdier, and The Misfits cover tears the roof off the place.

The only downside is the short set time. Nally tends to talk a lot between songs and so the 50 minutes of stage time doesn't leave room for some of their best tracks. "Second Floor", "Connect Me" and "Teenage Demon" are deeply missed. Hopefully as the band continues to gain momentum and begins to play larger venues they will expand over the one-hour mark.

See them now, before they get to arenas. You won't regret it.

Video: "Oh Lord" by Foxy Shazam


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